Grassroots Support Propels Jonathan Shell Into Fundraising Record in Agriculture Commissioner Campaign

January 3, 2023 | News

Raised Over $335K to Defend Kentucky Values

LANCASTER, Ky. (Jan. 3, 2023) – Jonathan Shell, Republican candidate for Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture and former State House Majority Leader, announced his campaign has raised $335,472 and enters the 2023 Election Year with more than $280,000 cash on hand. Shell’s fundraising total is larger than any past Republican Ag Commissioner candidate ahead of the filing deadline according to a review of KREF records online. The campaign has received contributions from 595 donors, including grassroots Republicans, prominent ag leaders, GOP elected officials and conservative champions.

“Kentucky’s rural way of life and our shared values are under attack by far left ideas, but I’m fighting back. And I’m proud to have the support of so many grassroots conservatives who are eager to join me in the fight,” said Shell, Republican candidate for Agriculture Commissioner. “We are ready for an aggressive campaign to promote Kentucky’s pro-life, pro-farmer, pro-gun values. As the Commonwealth’s next Ag Commissioner, I’ll support our farm famlies and workers in all 120 counties as we build our brighter future.”

In November, Shell officially filed his paperwork for office in Frankfort. He was joined by “Mr. Kentucky Agriculture” Warren Beeler, his family, and two dozen prominent supporters.

Beeler, the former executive director of the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy who serves as Shell’s Campaign Chairman, said, “I’ve been proud to be with Jonathan since Day One of this campaign, and he continues to beat all expectations. I know Jonathan is the right candidate to support Kentucky agriculture and deliver for families on and off the farm.”

(Republican Agriculture Commissioner Candidate Jonathan Shell
files for office in Frankfort, Nov. 29, 2022)